Why IP

Capture d’écran 2013-04-04 à 18.19.11« Intuitu Personae » is a Latin expression signifying  » in consideration of the person « . And it seems particularly adapted to our activities.

INTUITU PERSONÆ was established in the late eighties. The main activities of the agency is to assist companies with the management of their Human Resources particulars ; recruitment career plans, audit and fixing the know-how strategies, education, in- and external communication. Mergers and acquisitions and national (French) insurance contributions (social charges), etc…

INTUITU PERSONÆ has a realistic approach to problem solving that we might meet and we stay firm to our ideals when it comes to facing public opinion, for instance when it comes to recruitment we do not ask for a letter of motivation from our candidates as we cannot imagine they cannot intrinsically be motivated for a post or even a company they might not even know. And in fact why suppose that a candidate is not motivated because he or she hasn’t written so in a letter. We take for granted that a candidate is what he has done, and what he proves being capable of doing, rather than what he and everyone with him expresses in a letter. So as you see Intuitu Personæ tries to avoid the « mumbo-jumbo ».

INTUITU PERSONÆ belongs to various networks and is member of the French Chamber of Consulting Engineers. The consultancy is represented in Paris, Cologne, London and is present and represented at a both national and international level.